Take a deep breath, your life is about to get a whole lot better



Give yourself the gift of 60 blissful minutes of uninterrupted you time in your frantic weekly schedule. A pocket of being dedicated to calm your body and mind, this class will help you slow down to a pace conducive to releasing the demands of everyday life and stepping inside to connect to the greater you.

In addition to gaining valuable new insights within the class, you will be equipped with sustainable practices to continue cultivating your self-care and awareness throughout the week.

The power of conscious movement

Each class will guide you through a 30-minute yoga-derived sequence, specifically designed to deliver flexibility and stillness to your life. And if the word ‘flexibility’ causes concern, fear not. Rather than bendy bodies, bendy minds are the focus here. Why? Because it’s flexibility of mind that provides the key to responding with ease to the ebbs and flows of life outside.

The style of motion you will practice in class, known as conscious movement, is the most effective way to get there, providing a graceful gateway to your most flexible, connected inner self.

The wisdom of universal truths

Derived from a range of sources including Buddhism, A Course in Miracles and meditation and yogic traditions, the pearls of wisdom discussed and contemplated in class each week will guide you to understand and appreciate your greatest self.

While each week’s topic naturally builds on earlier lessons, they are also designed to be easily absorbed in isolation. Throughout, the overriding focus is on simplifying ideas as much as possible – without compromising meaning – to enable you to integrate them effectively into your daily life.

Joining One Step Inside’s community classes will help you:

      develop a loving self-care practice
      centre your body and mind
      access inner stillness and peace
      respond calmly to life’s ups and downs
      enjoy more clarity and creativity
      foster fulfilling relationships
      deepen your spiritual awareness