- Relax & Energize -
Feed yourself life fuel

Step into a sweet rejuvenating session of relaxation in your home.

Immerse yourself into:

- Soothing & rejuvenating poses
- A heavenly aromatic experience with essential oils
- An empowering session for your mind, body & soul


Love yourself

This is One Step Inside most soothing and healing session yet – think of it as a spa session

The class is based on therapeutic yoga poses known as restorative yoga.
Restorative yoga is a passive practice that creates an invigorating sense of restfulness and a restoration of mental calm.

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This 60 minute or 90 minute class will renew your energy and allow you be even more dynamic.

How does it work? Erika, founder of One Step Inside, comes to your home or office and sets up the space for your class.

Can my friends join me? Yes. Erika is happy to host the class for up to seven people.

Contact Erika to book a Relax & Energize session for yourself or for a group.

Don't resist the call to rest. 

For inquiries or to Book a session contact Erika

c: 661 310 5921 | e: erika@onestepinside.com