Empower yourself to gain the tools
and insights to break through your personal barriers.

As our world becomes more and more fast paced our lives become busier. And, amongst the expectations,
appointments and responsibilities we are also expected to be fulfilled and happy.

When is the last time you set time aside for your personal fulfillment or happiness?

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Our coaching method is rooted in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology.

Have you ever noticed the effort we put into taking care of our cell phones, computers
and personal belonging to make sure they are well kept and up-to-date. But what about you?

Tell Me...

When is the last time you made time for your personal self-care?

When is the last time you checked in whether your communication is serving you?

When is the last time you checked in with your personal challenges and made an effort to overcome them?

Free 15 minute consultations.

Would you like to...

Decrease the amount of stress in your life?

Have more energy?

Communicate with purpose?

Improve your relationships?

Positively impact your personal and professional life?


Whatever it is that you are trying to cultivate or overcome we are here to help you.
Erika will move at your own pace, the sessions are about you.

Let One Step Inside support you in your journey
as you reach your next goal or simply discover your personal brilliance.

Book a session or a free 15 consultation.

60 minutes $75 | 90 minutes $100
Special: Four sessions for $280
FaceTime or Skype available

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