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Conscious Movement and Life Fuel

Join One Step Inside for a class of conscious movement and motivation. A great way to unwind your body and mind, this class will take you on a soulful journey of mindful movement derived from hatha yoga, lead you on a beautiful guided meditation and connect you with a classic universal truth.

Class schedule - TBC

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Communicate with purpose



One of the most crucial and important aspects of life...communication!

At the core of everything are human relationships and the quality of your relationships is directly related to the quality of your communication skills. Your communication is directly related to your success and limitations.

With self awareness and connection at its core:

·       Understand others and communicate clearly and effectively 

·       Gain the ability to connect deeply and authentically through your communication 

·       Discover how to communicate compassionately and resolve conflict

·       Master the art of speaking up when it matters

·       Fuel yourself with a narrative that will positively impact your life

Empower the way you communicates with yourself, friends, family and colleagues.

Breakthrough personal barriers



Take a deep dive into the values and beliefs that either support or undermine your potential.

Uncover the toxic beliefs that inhabit you personally and detoxify from those limiting beliefs. Create a concise set of meaningful values and empowering beliefs providing you with a compass for clear direction and motivation.


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