"Each one of us is a unique individual expression in the kaleidoscope of existence, with the freedom to choose and the power to create." Niurka



One Step Inside aims to fuel you with motivation to help you see your true potential, to gently immerse you in the realisation that you are so much more than you envisage you are today. This is a place we can move together; a place where your everyday concerns and troubles gently fade in the awe-inspiring light of a loving universe.

If this sounds like a place you would like to explore, settle in and enjoy the journey. In this space, we will share with you a range of time-tested methods and practices that will help you reach a way of life that embraces inner enduring life fuel.

It begins here. Take One Step Inside with us.

One Step Inside was founded by Erika Garcia.

Erika is a soulful healer that gently leads you to healing and brilliance-activating perspectives. She loves inspiring and educating others on their life journey. You’ll find her approach refreshing and empowering, one that leads you to your optimal self in body and mind.


Erika Garcia, Founder

More specifically, she draws on her years of studies in yogic and Buddhist traditions, movement and holistic therapies to gently guide those she works with to enjoy more peace and wellbeing in their lives. As a life-long holistic health explorer, she is currently adding to her knowledge through a Diploma in Applied Social Science, neuroscience studies, positive psychology and ongoing study of
A Course in Miracles.

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